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Key Highlights

Cinesoft can build a content distribution network inside operator’s network, without affecting both the core and access network bandwidth.

Cinesoft private delivery network is an internal distributed network or intranet of proxy servers deployed inside operator’s network.

Goal of Cinesoft Delivery Network is to save content to end users with high availability and high perfomance within a closed network

Intelligent performance based traffic management. Route the users to the best possible origin of the content using a collection of Points of Presence

Granular Load Balancing based on multiple variables through multi edge servers to provide the best combination of QoE for the video consumer

Deep Network Caching

Ability to cache video deep in their networks and deliver it much closer to the end user. Caching servers as close as possible to the last mile.

Key Highlights of DATA FREE TV


  • Development of Cinesoft CDN inside your network (Intranet).
  • Based on your network architecture Cinesoft can design the CDN.
  • Channel feed through the Cinesoft Headend Services .
  • Adaptive Live Streaming.
  • Development and Support “Multi Device and Multi Platform.”
  • Excellent Middleware solution comprising of Subscriber Management                    System, Content Management System, Billing System.
  • Geo Blocking.
  • Multi DRM and Forensic Watermarking.
  • Target Devices


    Live TV

  • Can add any number of Live TV-language and category wise.
  • Ability to create categories dynamically through control panel for Live TV.
  • Ease of use-filter channels by language.
  • Move through previous/next channels using remote/touch (mobile apps)
  • Search your channels.

  • Can add Movies, TV Shows, Shortfilms, Documentaries, and other videos.
  • Content can be uploaded and managed directly.
  • Can add any number of Movies - language and category wise.
  • Can add Subtitles for any video.
  • Ability to create categories dynamically through control panel for Videos.
  • Ease of use - filter Movies by language.
  • Ability to add trailors of respective Movies.
  • Search your Movies.
  • MUSIC Bands

  • Ability to add multiple audio files by language and category.
  • Cinesoft partnership advantage

    Faster time to market

  • Cinesoft has already developed back end and front end technology.
  • Technology has been tried and tested.
  • Media Analytics - Provides crucial metrics that helps in monitoring the business growth

  • Can make timely decisions to manage and optimize content.
  • Can make sure the viewers are interested and engaged and are growing in numbers.
  • Lower data streaming costs

  • Cinesoft has developed own CDN network enabling direct data flow between Cinesoft Datacenter and your network.
  • High quality data due to low traffic.
  • Cost effective due to no recurring CDN charges.
  • Multiple Monetization Options

  • AD Monetization - Targetted Advertisements
  • Third party Payment Gateway integration
  • Eco System

    Launch Instantly

    Cloud Based,Fully Managed, No App Development Required.

    Multi Device platforms

    Touch( Mobile/Tablets ), Remote ( Streaming Devices and Connected TV's ).


    Control complete content and it's metadata from one place by accessing Web Based control panel.


    Subscription Support Third Party Payment Gateways Advertisements.


    SSL, Firewall, DRM, Forensic Watermarking.


    Delivered through World Class CDN.

    Fully Managed

    Setup, Deployment, Training, Support and Regular Updates.

    White Label

    Your Own Domain, Logo, Branding, Content, Business, Formats.

    Geo Blocking

    Region Wise Content Blocking.

    Encoding & Transcoding

    Convert to Various Video Formats for Cross Device Compatability.


    Built-in Drill Down and Analytics.


    24/7/365 Support.