Cinehome OTT

Cinehome OTT will take your entertainment a notch higher. You can now watch your favourite live channels and videos whenever and wherever you want.

Welcome to an online video extravaganza! One amazing app offers thousands of hours of Live TV, blockbuster movies, music videos and much more.

Cinehome will make sure that you have access to the best online entertainment videos from anywhere as our content can be viewed across a range of devices including mobiles, tablets, laptop, desktop PCs, Smart TVs, to even Streaming boxes and Gaming consoles. The best part is that our software is compatible to multiple platforms covering Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.


Live TV

  • Can add any number of Live TV-language and category wise.
  • Ability to create categories dynamically through control panel for Live TV.
  • Ease of use-filter channels by language.
  • Move through previous/next channels using remote/touch (mobile apps)
  • Search your channels.
  • MUSIC Bands

  • Ability to add multiple audio files by language and category.
  • VIDEO ON Demand

  • Can add Movies, TV Shows, Shortfilms, Documentaries, and other videos.
  • Content can be uploaded and managed directly.
  • Can add any number of Movies - language and category wise.
  • Can add Subtitles for any video.
  • Ability to create categories dynamically through control panel for Videos.
  • Ease of use - filter Movies by language.
  • Ability to add trailors of respective Movies.
  • Search your Movies.
  • Target Devices

    Cinesoft has a user friendly applications that will be available on all
    popular operating systems and devices at any screen, anywhere, anytime

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